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DG's Decisions
Last Updated : 1/9/2015 12:07
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No DG`s Decision Item Amendments
  • 1/2014
  • Item 1:Issuance of invoice before effective date for supply made on or after effective date
  • Item 2:Accounting for GST on imported services.
  • Item 3:Claiming bad debt relief.
  • Item 4:Royalty
  • Item 5:GST treatment on drop shipment
  • Item 6:Foreign exchange
  • Item 7:Financial Guarantee Contract
  • Item 8:GST treatment on Office holders/ directors’ fees
  • Item 9:Adjustment with credit or debit note
  • 2
  • 2/2014
  • Item 1:Motorcar used exclusively for the business purpose as approved by the DG.
  • Item 2:Claiming input tax on business expenses billed to employees.
  • Item 3:Taxable period: The first taxable period for company with financial year end on 31st August and revenue below RM5 million
  • Item 4:Gift rule
  • Item 5:Voluntary Registration for pre commencement of business
  • Item 6:Supply goods to company branch in Designated Area
  • Item 7:Agent and foreign Principal
  • Item 8:Claiming Special Refund for goods held on hand on 1/4/2015
  • 3
  • 3/2014
  • Item 1:What type of newspapers fall under the GST (Zero-Rated Supply) Order 2014
  • Item 2:What is the GST treatment on supply made by the healthcare professional?
  • 4
  • 4/2014
  • Item 1:Supply by Societies and Similar Organizations (Including Charitable Entities)
  • Item 2:Issuing tax invoice before effective date.
  • Item 3:Issuing tax invoice for exempt supply.
  • Item 4:Registration of receiver or liquidator
  • Item 5:Supply of goods under lease agreement from Designated Area (DA) to Principal Custoen Area (PCA)
  • Item 6:Individual supply commercial property
  • Item 7:Land Development Agreement between a land owner and a developer
  • Item 8:Supply of land or property during transitional period.
  • 5
  • 1/2015
  • Item 1:Last date to issue invoice under the Service Tax or Sales Tax
  • Item 2:Goods received free and given away free
  • Item 3:Price display
  • Item 4:Supply of SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) card prepaid or post-paid
  • Item 5:Approval for Simplified Tax Invoice)
  • 6
  • 2/2015
  • Item 1:Small Office Home Office (SOHO)
  • Item 2:Supply of commercial property (build & sell) by the developer to the purchaser under an agreement for a period that begins before the effective date and ends on or after the
  • Item 3:Eligibility for deemed Input Tax under Regulation 47 of the GST Regulations 2014 (P.U (A) 190/2014)
  • Item 4:Claiming special refund of sales tax goods held on hand on 1/4/2015
  • Item 5:Whether a debit note is allowed to be issued in order to recover the GST amount during transitional?
  • 7
  • 3/2015
  • Item 1:Application for Self Billed Invoice
  • Item 2:Issuance of tax invoice at the beginning of GST implementation
  • Item 3:Period for issuing tax invoice
  • 8
  • 4/2015
  • Item 1:Local company (LC) purchased goods from overseas supplier (OS) and later sold the goods to local buyer (LB) and issue an invoice (local invoice). The LC requests the overseas supplier to deliver the goods direct to his local buyer (LB).
  • Item 2:Local company (LC) purchased goods from a local manufacturer (LM) and request LM to export the goods to his overseas buyer (OB)
  • Item 3:Local company (LC) sell goods to overseas buyer (OB 1) and OB1 request the goods to be delivered to his local agent (LA) in PCA and subsequently the goods are exported out by LA to OB1 customer’s in other countries (OB2)
  • Item 4:Local supplier (LS) sell goods to overseas buyer (OB) and the OB request the goods to be delivered to the third party (TP) in the Free Commercial Zone (FCZ) for value added activity or consolidation
  • Item 5:Local supplier (LS) sell goods to overseas buyer (OB) and the OB request the goods to be delivered to the third party (TP) in the licensed warehouse (LW) for value added activity or consolidation
  • Item 6:What is the GST treatment for goods manufactured locally which is supplied or sold by a local supplier to an overseas buyer but the goods are in the possession of the supplier and subsequently released for export in stages as instructed by the overseas buyer?
  • Item 7:What is the GST treatment on non-recurring expenditure (NRE) and other manufacturing expenditure connected to manufacture goods to be exported overseas?
  • 9
  • 5/2015
  • Item 1:Document for claiming Special Refund
  • Item 2:Claiming Special Refund in respect of imported CBU cars held on hand on 31.3.15
  • Item 3:Special Refund on stock of raw materials or components held on hand on 31.3.15
  • Item 4:Cost recovery under warranty.
  • Item 5:A gift of goods worth more than RM500 Whether a registered person is allowed not to account for tax on gift worth more than RM500 when the input tax on such goods is not claimed.
  • Item 6:Disbursement and reimbursement
  • Item 7:Transport Services: who can be considered as making a supply of transportation services under item 4, Second Schedule of GST (Zero-Rated Supply) Order 2014?
  • 10
  • 6/2015
  • Item 1:Tax invoice for disregarded supply and out of scope supply
  • Item 2:Repair, maintenance and installation services supplied in relation to an aircraft
  • 11
  • 7/2015
  • Item 1: Claiming input tax on electricity and water expenses invoiced/billed under the owner of the property’s name
  • 12
  • 8/2015
  • Item 1:Employee Benefit
  • Item 2:Occupational Health and Safety
  • Item 3:Holding tax invoice as in paragraph 38(4)(a) of the GST Regulations 201
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